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Creator Tech advises on Smart City initiatives including business and operational models as well as Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure planning and build-outs. Our expertise encompasses relevant types of enterprise and mission critical networks, shared/open data and IoT. In addition, we manage programs and co-ordinate supply chains on behalf of our clients.


We are constantly expanding into new facets of this exciting new field and our mission is to stay ahead of the curve leveraging both local and international experience.

  • Discovery1


    Every community has its own starting point for its Smart City journey. Our approach is to listen, learn and discover the drivers and challenges for each of our clients. Along the journey, many of the achievable outcomes are in common: Delivering better qualities of life to citizens. Attracting new investment. Retaining current benefits. Doing more with less. Driving down costs of delivery. Understanding how to harness the huge potential values of open data.

  • Brainstorm2


    Many different stakeholders are needed to come together for successful and sustainable progress towards Smart City goals.  Each will have specific priorities, interests and passions. Creator Tech has developed consultative ways of bringing stakeholders together and getting optimal input without either railroading through one particular point of view or diluting the process to the point of meaningless. We would be glad to give you our perspective on how to bring together a disparate group into a team with a common purpose.

  • Market Engagement3

    Market Engagement

    Dealing with digital suppliers is not yet a routine occurrence for city authorities. Indeed, many authorities have had their views on “What Is a Smart City” and “Where Should We Start” heavily influenced by vendors. Creator Tech has experience in sorting out and clarifying the offerings so that planners and purchasers can compare like with like and can make decisions that will stand the test of time.

  • Program Management4

    Program Management

    As a course of action becomes clear, and “Smart” initiatives start to bear fruit, various stakeholders – both internal and external – need to co-ordinate their activities. This is an exciting point in the journey, however, it is also one at which these activities can take on a life of their own and risk veering away from the original vision. Creator Tech is able to bring a reality check to the process, to signal when too much – or too little – focus is on a particular activity and when it makes sense to depart from plan as new possibilities emerge.

  • Share5


    Cities that embark on the smart city journey all have one thing in common: they gather data. Data from a wide range of sources for a wide range of reasons. This data is the new “oil” lubricating the digital economy. Sharing data enables innovation while protecting data stifles innovation. Aligning with State and Federal initiatives, Creator Tech has developed a practical process for developing a Data Sharing Policy and Risk Assessment Framework & Process that enables councils to quickly and efficiently build a data sharing policy that will enable Smart City Innovation.


We Are Different ...

Creator Tech has been translating new technology into practical use and benefit to clients since 2002. These include clients who have no experience – and often no interest – into the technology per se, but are purely interested in the outcomes that can be achieved. The Internet of Things comprises of several families of technology-based solutions that are enabling city authorities to deliver new and better outcomes for their citizens, while often simultaneously reducing the cost of service delivery. The Creator Tech team is on the leading edge of understanding such solutions and has long, hands-on experience of translating these into practical benefits for our clients.



Meet our team who delivers high quality, actionable outcomes to help communities succeed at every step of their journey.

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