Geof Heydon, Associate of Creator Tech and Smart Cities/Communities thought-leader, will be co-presenting with Newcastle Council’s City Digital Strategist Nick Stabler at the ASCA conference at the Convention & Exhibition Center in Melbourne Australia on 9th– 11thMay.

Details of the conference are here 

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Geof and Nick will address one of the most vital aspects of the whole Smart City movement, and one which underpins a ‘roadmap’ common to Local and Regional Governments worldwide. This is the urgent need for a Data Sharing regime in a Smart City environment.

The subject of Data Sharing is challenging but fundamental and vital. The repercussions of not having a well-planned frame work for this have come into public view recently with the Facebook/Cambridge Analytical scandal. With this scandal, the negative effects of unregimented data-sharing, driven mainly by profit, have become clear.

Currently these overshadow the potential positive repercussions. It is important that the positive aspects – such as liberating a wealth of innovation – are not crushed by any ill-thought legislation or restrictive practices.

The immense contribution to progress, innovation and – in the case of Smart Cities -dramatically improving ‘livability’ that could be achieved by a judicious permission-oriented sharing of the ‘right’ data between the ‘right’ parties, should not be overlooked.

Geof will be highlighting these positive aspects, as well as underlining the need for an agreed framework in which the use and sharing of data make a positive contribution to society.

With LGAs increasingly gathering potentially disclosive information – information that could lead to the identification of a specific individual – both citizens and local governments need to have a regime that can on the one hand ensure that relevant data can flow where it benefits citizens and visitors – and makes the city or suburb more livable – while at the same time ensuring that  the wrong data cannot fall into the wrong hands.

Geof is an experienced speaker who has over the years presented at live and televised events in his roles as Director Innovation, Alcatel; VP Digital Economy at Alcatel-Lucent; Director of Business Development for the Information Sciences Group at CSIRO, has also been tapped for a number of other speaking engagements this year, including at CeBIT Australia.

We expect to have further details on all these engagements and will publish them as available on

Geof Heydon, Creator Tech.

Geof advises Creator Tech clients on IoT and Smart Cities. His career has included work as an executive leader, consultant, mentor and evangelist/futurist. He was an advisor and contributor to the Federal Government’s National Digital Economy white paper; is Principal Consultant for the Internet of

Creator Tech is proud to be associated with ASCA; and is also a founding member of the Internet of Things Association, IoTAA

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