Client Case Studies


December 2015: Creator Tech commissioned to research and report on potential challenges for a possible Joint Venture in the Philippines.

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October 2015: Enabling the Internet of Things for Australia – Communications Alliance IoT report. Creator Tech is very pleased to have been been commissoned by the Comms Alliance IoT Think Tank to undertake an Australian IoT study which addresses: enablers and inhibitors, industry readiness and focus and recommendations for developing the IoT industry in Australia. The three month report was launched on 30th October, in Sydney by federal minister for territories, local government and major projects, Paul Fletcher.

The report triggers the start of a work program by the Comms Alliance IoT Think Tank across 6 recommended workstreams and is a call to action for wide industry collaboration and participation  – a precursor to a successful IoT industry in Australia. The report can be access here: Enabling the Internet of Things for Australia_Publication Version


Business Development – Taiwan Service Provider Bandwidth Optimisation

IBM is a world-leading American multinational technology and consulting corporation, with headquarters in Armonk, New York, United States. In 2012 IBM was introducing a Sunbay bandwidth optimization solution to Service Providers in Asia-Pacific that would enable them to defer significant capital spend on in restructure build-out.

IBM was facing three main challenges in seeking to do this:
a. The solution, and its application was complex to understand and more complex to describe;
b. The product and service portfolios of the relevant staff were already pretty full;
c. Outside of the incumbent SP in each market, they had limited contact with key staff.

IBM asked Creator Tech to take on the challenge of turning a complex technology into a digestible value proposition, and then facilitate speeding up the relevant introductions. Creator Tech took on the challenge – first in Australia then across multiple markets including New Zealand, Japan, Korea, SE Asia and Taiwan.

The Taiwan Service Provider market, though not the largest, is one of the most dynamic and innovative in the Asia-Pacific economy. Taiwan’s mobile subscriber base is forecast to rise to 28 million in 2014 and the number of broadband Internet users is approaching 6 million – 18th largest in the world.

In a short period of time, Creator Tech’s lead resource for Taiwan Simon Chien had mastered the complexities of the Sunbay brief and fully understood the solution from technical, commercial and operational points of view/aspects. He was able to take this understanding and translate it into benefits for the various departments involved in the decision making process in the relevant Service Providers and Integrators.

Capitalizing on this, Simon was successfully able to set up meetings for senior Sunbay personnel to dialog with counterparts in TFN, FET, VIBO, and CHT.

This case study demostrates the value of on-the-ground market connections and understanding. Creator Tech continues to work with IBM and both parties benefit from this long and fruitful relationship.


Business development – Enterprise Videoconferencing

Polycom is a world leader in conferencing technologies, both audio and video. It holds a leading position in these markets worldwide and in Australia.

With the advent of new real-time collaboration technologies, Polycom recognised the need to refocus and enhance its go-to-market approach to better serve its customers and reward channel partners who adapt to the new market requirements. The company embarked on a program to broaden its distribution model, improve responsiveness to its channel partners and strengthen its “Direct Touch” sales capability.

In Australia, Polycom turned to Creator Tech to design a “Preferred Partner Program” which would create an elite group of Preferred Partners with particular expertise and skills in IP networking of voice, video and web solutions and Polycom’s Alliance Solutions, while a the same time strengthening and protecting successful existing Channel Partners who have made the investment in training and demonstration equipment.

The assignment included developing rules of engagement for Polycom direct touch sales involvement; channel selection criteria; and the practicalities of becoming a channel partner. The relevance, benefits and workability of the program were tested directly with channel partners, before final release of the program.

The program proposed to Polycom was initially adopted in Australia and has become a resounding success – to the extent that many of the key principles are now reflected in a more widespread adoption across Polycom internationally.


Marketing Services – Developing Digital Realty’s Brand in Asia Pacific

Digital Realty Inc is the world’s largest owner, developer and operator of wholesale data centres. In 2010 Digital Realty owned and operated 95 data centre properties throughout North America and Europe, at which time it was decided to expand the company into Asia Pacific. However, research identified that, although already the world’s largest wholesale data centre provider, in Asia Pacific, the Digital Realty brand recognition was very low (20% aided )

Creator Tech was appointed as the APAC “Virtual Marketing Director” to support the US Marketing Team to develop the Digital Realty Brand in Asia Pacific and assist to launch the company into the region.

An integrated marketing plan, which included Media, PR, Analysts’ Relations, Targeted Direct Marketing (both electronic and hard copy), local Advertising (both print and outdoor), Video Production, Sponsorships, Events, Conferences and Exhibitions, was developed, implemented and managed by Creator Tech.

The expansion was a resounding success. The Singapore facility was opened in 2011 and is currently fully leased. Stage 1 of the Melbourne facility will be completed December 2012 and is fully leased. Sydney Stage 1 will be completed in November 2012, and is leased. By May 2012, brand recognition in Australia (whose Melbourne and Sydney facilities are still in construction) showed aided brand recognition at 44%.

Our client’s quote attests to their satisfaction: “You have been great to work with and we couldn’t have made the inroads we have in APAC without you” – Steve Flaig, Director of Marketing Worldwide, Digital Realty Inc


Strategic Engagement – Australian telecommunications provider of network products and services

This client had a customer base of approximately 300 customers, of which 30 customers account for 90% of revenue—a typical B2B profile. The company suffered from declining revenues due to increased competition (more niche players focussed on service), customer churn as many customers felt this supplier did not understand their business and was not responsive to their requirements.

Customer engagement and feedback was limited and consisting mainly of customer meetings (often led by the Sales team) and an annual customer satisfaction survey that was repeatedly done with the same 25-30 customers.

  • A robust strategic customer engagement program was established which comprised a program of planned, cross-functional strategic discussions with a selected 30 customers based on agreed criteria—from across the customer base! These discussions were conducted at least annually with both decision makers and midlevel participants from both the supplier and customer.
  • A systematic set of processes was developed and implemented to gather customer feedback, integrate with other forms of data/intelligence, analyse data, identify and prioritise customer requirements, develop and manage action plans/programs of work and communicate results, action items and progress both internally and to customers

Within 2 years of implementing the program, this company secured several “multi year/multi product” deals, increased revenues by 15%, won back 4 of its previous “top 20” lost customers and increased customer perception scores by 10%