Business Development

Creator Tech’s Business Development Practice provides experts to get more from your target market segment, tighten up how you address your customers and get the most from your own sales organisation and channels.

Our aim is to accelerate the sales cycle and optimise your Go-to-Market.

Our experience says profitability depends on the ability to apply good business development practice principles that work for each vendor, channel and customer profile.

We are unique in our ability to design, recommend and execute, by:

  • conducting primary research
  • developing and testing your selling propositions
  • developing sales plans
  • designing and setting up channel programs
  • introducing you to partners and
  • providing direct sales

We understand the challenges in evolving to a cloud, consumption-based service model for vendors as well as the opportunities for service providers and the benefits for end customers.

Creator Tech works with your teams to leverage our extensive experience and relationships across Asia-Pacific customers to sharpen and develop your business approach.

Creator Tech is able to optimise your sales approach by

  • mentoring and training
  • balancing direct versus indirect focus
  • building, rebuilding or energising your channels to market
  • honing your sales proposition and also
  • providing direct sales resource.