The Team

Networked and Connected

Being connected in the industry is the key to understanding how things work and how to effect change for the better.

The Creator Tech team comprises a core of professionals with deep business experience, linked together within a wider network of associates and the players in the ICT industry.

We have over 300 man-years of senior executive experience in Management, Sales, Marketing, Strategy and forging sustainable industry partnerships. We have managed, transformed, boosted sales, developed business plans and in short made a positive impact for companies of all sizes.

We use best industry practice and currency while keeping our client focus on practical solutions – and ultimately, on our clients’ metrics.

We stand out in the way we work inside our clients business. In most cases translating strategic aims and personal learnings into lasting and embedded implementions are a valued consequence of our assignments.

Our People
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Steve Mackay
Frank Zeichner
Yeow-Khoon Pua
Andy West
Geof Heydon
Simon Chien
Sung-Gon Jang
Ee Lin Low
James Wong
Jon Mayfield

Founder/ Director
Taiwan Consultant
Korea Consultant
Singapore Consultant, Security Specialist
Singapore and Indonesia Consultant
Thailand and Philippines Consultant